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creative workshops for companies, fellow ships, groups or individuals

Company workshop, hen party, singles night, stag night. Creative workshops for family events etcetera.
Peter Eurlings
Information/ sign up:
By e-mail: info@petereurlings.nl, or 0642971097.
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Day period:
Dayperiod in consultation. Time involved for the workshop between 2,5 and 3 hours.

On request.

The studio is located at: Weesperzijde 4, 1091 EA Amsterdam. The studio spaces have canal view (river Amstel) and are suitable for small groups as well as very large groups. Nearby along the Amstel are cousy pubs and restaurants located.
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Creative workshops for groups and parties.Creative workshops for families, friends, special occasions.


As a company or a group, there can be several reasons for joining a creative workshop directly in the studio of an artist/ art teacher. An important reason is to spend a few sociable hours with your colleagues or friends. The nice thing about a creative workshop is not only spending time in creative surroundings but also making something that represents the session and could function as a gift to yourself or a friend. As a company, you can take benefit of a creative session before e.g. your regular meeting. The topic of your meeting can be packed creatively in a workshop. Furthermore, in a short time, you will be learning drawing and painting skills, which can be the beginning of a new hobby. In addition, you give the artist/ art teacher the opportunity to broaden his profession with this creative entrepreneurship.


The studio in which we work is situated in the centre of Amsterdam, near Amstel Hotel and along the canal Amstel river, close to a jetty, interesting for combined arrangements with a boat trip. There are very nice pubs and affordable restaurants in the area. The spaces all have canal view and are suitable for small as well as large groups.

Many different workshops are possible in consultation. Consider examples like printing self-portraits in etching techniques or in painting techniques. Old and new masters will serve as an example. What about a self-portrait in the style of Andy Warhol or the Dutch well known artist Van Gogh. Of course, your own topic can serve as a theme for the workshop.

The artists/ teachers have a broad experience in developing workshop themes, creative coaching to companies, groups and individuals as well as in regular art education.

On request.

More information by e-mail: info@petereurlings.nl or phone: 0031642971097

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