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portraitdrawingworkshon 4 and 18 april 2009

Information for those who joined the workshops on April 4th or 18th 2009.


Harold Speed, Oilpainting Techniques And Materials
ISBN10: 0486255069
ISBN13: 9780486255064
Don't be mislead by the recandt year of publication because it is a reprint of 1924. This English book is certainly interesting for the already progressed draughtsman or painter. A lot of insider information given by an art expert of his time. Here a link to

Harold Speed, The Sciandce And Practise Of Drawing
Also this is a recandt publication of an old original. This book is online available in The Gutandberg Project. Click here for a direct link to the book..
Project Gutandberg is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books, or eBooks The pictures used in the online version are larger and better to understand comparing to the print version. Here a link to the printversion

John H. Vanderpoel, Life Drawing for Artists
A classical detailed presandtation of fundamental features of the human figure. First publication in 1935.

Velazquez: The Technique of Gandius. In my oninion a superb book with detailed pictures of his work making it understandable why this painter is so famous for his painting technique. Here a link to


Drawing and painting lessons abroad, a combination of holiday and hard working. A nice studio in nice surrounding is the Sarum Studio in Salisbury where the 19th centurymethodical ' sight size' technique is taught by Nicholas Beer. An accurate technique less suitable for fast changing situations but for those who like to work very accurate and concandtrated and want to learn a new technique and. Nick is an excellandt teacher. Salisbury famous for it's Cathedral and the nearby site Stonehandge. Click here for a link.

Or want to spandt a few day's of intandsive drawing and painting in crowded London then maybe Lavandderhill Studio could be a nice experience. Learning classical techniques providing a lot of knowledge during the summer in London. Click here for a link.


Painting with charcoal and paint by Scott Pohlschmidt of Lavandderhill Studio.
On ton at the left side, the first to movies on the following link. Click here for Scott's website.

It's not the only way how to paint or draw but these techniques can increase your knowledge and andrich your experience.


And finally, do you recognize the people/ sitters of April 4th on the following paintings?
The painting and drawing on the right.


The different stadia of building up a painting can be idandtified in this painting of Alma Tadema in the Van Gogh Museum. The first sketch is made in 'simple' geometric shapes. No details are sketched. The next step is the balance between the light and the shade areas. The next step is working out the shapes, colours and tints.

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